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I'm hungry ! This simulator is a reference for its conception ...

Coded in Dx7 with the Excellent « Janus » engine, This adaptation steel a the worth simulator never coded !

- Low resolution for a simulator : 800x600 max.

- Bad scripts and superficial used of environments functions.

- Effects and process designed for low speed systems. (minimum effects, low res.)

- Heretic or unused codes for advanced graphic device. (graphic device 1 to 5 for graphic drivers)

- Historic and functional device uncoded ... (no deep levels on the map, sacrificed functions like « exhaust  garbage» and « supply request »)

- Pore and unrealism design, may be Uboats are allays a military secret weapon!

... in fact, it seem to be the worth adaptation of an excellent simulation « Silent hunter 1 »

But... It's a game based on several externals scripts ... If this game don't suite you, Finish it! « Ultimation » team hadn't published documents about Janus engine ... it's a mistake! ... you can spent long time to try end finish it !

This release may be caused a bad reputation to Silent Hunter III, but keep in mind that silent hunter II was followed by Enygma, another Sub-marine simulator ...

But the « build-me to play » concept of this game allow you to be surprised !.

Official Web Download Page by XavSnap.

Free personal contributions for users. (originals codes and customs)

Hight resolution 1024x748 Silent Hunter II Patchs :

Download file ...- Visual Deckgun (graphic Mod)

enhance text parameters to graphic device :

(repace old «deckgun.dsf» : zipped file 189 Ko)

Orzel's pack required release 1.1 by Chirstopher Cholewa a.k.a

Download file ...- Visual Machinegun (graphic Mod) Enhance text parameters to graphic device : (replace old «Machine.dsf» : zipped file 96 Ko)

Orzel's pack required release 1.1 by Chirstopher Cholewa a.k.a

- Pyro (graphic Mod) patch for Hight resolution, 32bits version graphic device :Splited Zip file : 6 files (1Mb) + Main zip 281kb

Unzip them in “C:\Ssi\Silent Hunter II\Sim\Art\pyro” folder.

(Don't forget back-up old folder in case of problems)

1/7Download file ...2/7Download file ...3/7Download file ...4/7Download file ...5/7Download file ...6/7Download file ...7/7Download file ...

(replace old «Pyro.psf» & graphics files: zipped file Ko)

Warning: Can't be used in 16bits mode (tested with a GeForce MX-200)

include severals patchs – have a look to readme.txt for authoring.

Silent Hunter contributions :

Documentations :

Download Files

Files Names



Nb. Files



Download file ...


Reg keys to retrieve 32bytes graphics artifacts in Video config menu.

1.5 Ko

4 files


Download file ...


Pyrotechnics programmer's manual, help you to change or create new effects for Janius2 3D engine in Silent-hunter 2 (mnemonics and advices to avoid crash problems).

258 Ko

15 files


Edit plus up grade :

Download file ...



Edit Plus Mnemonics add-on.

956 Ko

120 files


Table on Legend

Mess's embedded artwork for systems. (Show during the emulator prossece)

Mess or Mame Files

Mess's embedded artwork for systems Pads configuration.

Mess Files

Mess's SnapShot (emulated system or Various others pictures)

Mess or Mame Files

Add-ons for specified programs.

Various Files

Resource for specified compilator.

VB6 or C# Files

Update for specified programs.

Various Files

Bugged or « will run later » ... Help require.

Various Files

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