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Personal Web Site.

Emulator's Bad News

Furnitures : New Concept.

New cheaper Virus !

This latex furniture is made with a removable face kit, how may be customed to emulate your Mother or your wife, and can be programed to say : « the diner is ready ! » Clock system in Option.

A new hardware Emulation kit will be designed.

« The gadget bag »

Make-up system, integrated perfumes et severals pushes !

But hardware emulation teem is a woman staff.

French rush on the Mame Home site !

Do you « Mame » me ? Many of them was disappointed to see it ! « not a XXX page ! »

US Gold Bugs: Emulation of Decathlon

Sex Emulator for Pentium new Generation.

(must be down-clocked)

Severals Joysticks are no supported with this game and his usage may be hazardous. S

Warning ! New Spy-Bot tracked ! Don't trust your Girl-Friend.

Secured Emails : Providers required a hand Emulation.

New Vectrex Emulator : Code Name « Oscilloscope »

Mackintosh : After-Dark working emulator

Available NOW!

Apexc Sound Emulator

Monochrome Emulator System for Color System.

Dark Screen Emulator For bind peoples.

Universal Debugger : A Bottle of French perfume from Cryo's Ltd.

New compiler for C et Fortran ! (logo and Locomotive basic coming soon !)

Teenager's Frequent problems ...

To Be continued ... later !

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