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Mess's SDK Artworks :

ARTWorks Notes !

« Don't tell me my Mess is a Mame ! »

Artworks & Mess . . .

Keep in mind that Mess isn't a Mame !

The new GUI windows environment able to finalize the Mess concept. Artworks are an export (a miscellaneous) device due to enhancement programing .

In case of Mame development, each Game ROM can be served by a specific Artwork, but Mess is a static multi-emulator !

In Mess, machines emulator is constant ! But may be enhanced by new machine's drivers.

To complete existent drivers, Artworks must be included in Mess's corp program ! This is a good concept ... but stupid !

Mess is a modular program concept and add severals drivers ... but is dependent of used and download available Roms.

To complete a specific device, CPC driver for example, you need Mess and his emulator corp (video device, IO device and Cpu translator).

Compared to singles emulators programs, Mess have a «Poor» system interface due to his multiple machine selection to retrieve a good configuration and a good access homogeneity to select a specific device.

Artworks system, in Mess be able to provide a personal visual select where Mame auto -select his own machine driver.

My choice is to provide a easy visual concept around Mess's artworks, but we can't merge Mame and Mess device !

Mame for Gamers et Mess for specifics computers users.

Keep in your mind : when you make a Mess Artwork , you complete programmer's work ... when you make a Mame Artwork, you make-up a specific game !

Artworks SDK Notes

Warning : Recent Gui changes can ignore keyboard and joystick artworks !

Mess Artworks :

Include front-end.

Windows GUI interface >


Png picture files unzipped



Png picture files unzipped



Png picture files unzipped



Png picture files unzipped



Png picture files unzipped



Png picture files unzipped

Only for Mess release 0.88

(Placed in “control panel” tab)


Keyboard config. interface /artwork/[system].zip>Keyboad.ini /artwork/[system].zip>Keyboad.png

Png picture files unzipped

Running emulator window.

Older release !

Mess 0.88 can't display this feature !

File ignored in .88 release !

Running GUI interface >

Keyboard config. interface /artwork/[system].zip>Keyboad.ini /artwork/[system].zip>Keyboad.png

Art text files zipped as [system].zip

Mess 0.88 can't display this feature !

Joystick config. interface /artwork/[system].zip>Joystick.ini /artwork/[system].zip>Joystick.png

ini text files zipped as [system].zip

On-screen artwork /artwork/[system].zip>Art.ini /artwork/[system].zip>[name].png

ini text files zipped as [system].zip

CPC 464 example.

Various Mess's ARTs :

- SnapShot.( to allowed remember you the design of select system)

Flyer. ; Cabinet. ; Marquee. ; Titles. ; Control Panel.

(Same feature, but in specified tab-button.) All of then assigned to system feature !

*No one can display selected softs and roms*

- Keyboard. ( to allowed remember you each keyboard)

- Joystick. ( to allowed a visual joystick setting)

- On screen. ( to allowed a visual concept of system ) «not to filled unused screen»

Visual System Device Snapshot :

Location Main frame 'SnapShot' :

6 Pictures available for each computer :

« Too much ? » ...

Don't choose similar picture and choose original size window to avoid too heavy files...

Your picture will be reduce, will lost colors and graphic quality.

Prefer 256 colors low-res to RVB hight res pictures!

Path : mess\snap

Path : mess\flyers

Path : mess\cabinets

Path : mess\marquees

Path : mess\tiles

Path : mess\cpanel

File : CPC464.png

Use Mess's SnapShot property to display the «external» view of select system.

Use Mess's SnapShot property to display the «external» view of select system.

Warning :

All first screen capture named [sys].png must be backed-up !!! It delete all primary pictures.

Visual Keyboard :

Mess Location :

Visual :

Almost of emulator's user stay 5 minutes in font of a unknown keyboard !

> 5 minutes to find the «!» key on the emulated keyboard ( bad condition to computing a basic program ! )

Path : mess\artwork

File : CPC464.ZIP\Keyboard.png

File : CPC464.ZIP\Keyboard.ini

Use Mess's GUI import system and auto-grab Keyboard.ini configuration.

Keyboard.ini structure and mnemonics are based on INI import system like Crltr.ini (CF.below) :

Describe known structure : String%64 (x1,y1)-(x2,y2) (Artworkx.c(h))

KEYCODE_1 (10,5)-(30,25)

specials argument :

"//" Comments

"P" & "_" & "1" : Ignored. (for player one set default)

«String%64» include GUI parameter -> IPT type definition. ( IPT_KEYCODE_1 -Dinput-)

(X1,Y1) = Left-Top corner.

(X2,Y2) = Right-Bottom corner.


Very important Notes :

The origin point ( 0,0 ) is the Top-left corner of GUI's Window (emulator window), if you're using a map-software ( for mapped-image in web page) don't forget to add 5 for Y axes and 10 for X axes !

Just scroll all created rectangles with (10,5) for origin point in picture !

Save the map list (ASCII format), and copy them in file.

Place IPT_END in EOF to close it. (optional)

.... But, it appeared that keyboard files need other mnemonics to work !

Keys rectangles mapping not assigned to Gui drivers argument ...

This problem can be ignored ! Because we can't use texts captions over the original keyboard picture, it will probably mask needed information !

But may be usefully in a PC clown keyboard below the original keyboard feature.

Visual IO interface ( PAD and Joystick):

Mess Location :

This the most optional Artwork !

What is a Joystick ? Button's location ? ... But Joystick emulation work !

Same structure like Keyboard.ini but named CTRLR.INI !

Don't forget the «Very important Notes»!

And it's pretty! (funny- only 7 «keys»)

On screen Artworks ( Masks/Alpha and Backdrop):

Screen shot of PDP1 artwork available on download page ( Space Invader ).

Location :

Path : mess\artwork

File : CPC464.ZIP\CPC464.art

File : CPC464.ZIP\CPC464.png – RVB picture/alpha Mask...

example : (Mame and Mess descriptions)


// [artname]:

// file = [filename]

// alphafile = [alphafilename]

// layer = [backdrop|overlay|bezel|marquee|panel|side|flyer]

// position = [left],[top],[right],[bottom]

// priority = [priority]

// visible = [visible]

// alpha = [alpha]

// brightness = [brightness]


(Mame's comments sources) --- it's true ---

Artname = Procedure name as ... Bezel ... Maine ... Without «[ ]» arguments

File = Filename of prior layer Mess_sys_name.png

Alphafile = Filename to assign mask picture name.png

Layer =

Backdrops : Enable artwork used as backdrop images.

Used in specifics emulators : aim65, avigo, hp48, mekd2, pdp1, pocketc, smsvdp, snes, ssystem3 and sym1 according drivers specifications.

Just select «Debug log» and check logging device for Backdrop loading success.

But it seen to appeared like others argument !!! (funny!)

Bezels : Enable artwork used as the bezel surround.

Overlays : Enable artwork used as overlays to systems.

marquee|panel|side|flyer : Just only one mnemonic could be used !

(others computing curiosity for Games Mamers).

Each of them had been tested, but ... Put_picture argument could be used instead !

Be serious, each specification had a specific Ddraw function ... (see. Ddraw SDKdoc)

Location : Rectangle definition of the primary picture has position=X1,Y1,X2,Y2

X1 = Left X2 = Right Y1 = Top Y2 = Bottom (no Very Important Notes !)

Priority : Priority layer 0 (Emulator screen), 1 (front) , 2 , 3 and you can use 4 too !

Visible : Visible set to Yes, a beautiful picture appear «yours»

set to No, You spend your precious time on Paint-Brush for rubbish ! (UV exposure is better for you)

alpha = [alpha] Set alpha channel for used layer (translucence set)

Same effect as mask picture ! (or U232 exposure with Free-Cell ! ...)

Brightness = [brightness]

For lazy persons who can't change brightness on them monitor. (usefully for short-hands)

Conclusion : You can test all of them functions, it can't destroy your computer ! ( Probably ! )

Good example :


file = APEXc.png

alphafile = APEXCmask.png

layer = bezel

priority = 0

visible = 1

position = 0,0,256,192

The full artwork zipped file for CPC464 is enabled in the download page... for Mess structure example.


Good Experiences or lucky hazardous typing !

Send me the up-date of this SDK notes.

XavSnap. /// Xavier Martin ///

Email : fetrmartin@free.fr ( Français – English )

Don't ask me Roms – My Girl-friend's phone number – xxx pictures – My Photographe.



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